Basics of Artificial Intelligence

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Learning through Conversations with Knowledge Bot Kim

How does it work when I learn with a chatbot like Kim?
That’s super easy. By talking to Kim, you will have everything you need to join the conversation about AI. You can use your browser e.g., via PC or smartphone. Very handy, even if you are on the move.
And what is the technology behind it?
It’s all so simple! Kim lives in our cloud service or could also move in with you, aka on premises. You use it via your browser or via iFrame. By the way, you can install Kim as a SCORM package in every SCORM LMS.
Great! This could also be helpful for our colleagues in France.
Yes, for sure. We can adapt the language for you, also implement your logo and your company colors for individual branding. If you want it really individual, we create your own bot. Are you curious now?

Artificial Intelligence – The Basics for Everyone

Learn more about content, target group, learner success and prices.

  • Content

    Knowledge Bot Kim gets your employees ready in AI basics within 30 minutes. These are the main topics:

    • – What is Artificial Intelligence?
    • – Examples of AI
    • – History and milestones
    • – AI with personality
    • – Quiz

  • Target group

    “Artificial Intelligence – The Basics for Everyone” is for any staff member who wants to get basic knowledge on the key technologies of Artificial Intelligence. There are no special requirements needed for the learners.

    Kim is fluent in German and English and therefore suitable for your international employees.

  • Learner success

    Using both guided and self-directed dialogue methods your employees will grasp the basic facts about AI within minutes. They will understand the fundamentals of this key technology and will be made aware of important use cases.

    With an optional self-check your staff can confirm all they have learned in the conversations with Knowledge Bot Kim.

  • Prices

    The price for “Artificial Intelligence – The Basics for Everyone” is 30,00 Euro VAT per user and year with a minimum order of 10 user licenses. Packages can be offered on request.

    In addition, our current terms and conditions and license conditions apply.

Conversations with Knowledge Bot Kim – Examples

Everyone should know about Artificial Intelligence.

Get a digital learning buddy for your employees now!

With Knowledge Bot Kim your learners have a study partner who is always by their side, never gets tired and always listens to them!

Kim stays on top of things, gives in-depth explanations and encourages the learners to think independently. Your employees learn more about milestones and current developments in Artificial Intelligence as well as important use cases.

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